Arbre Fantômes

festival land art °°° murs à pêches °°° Montreuil

coton, pierres de platre

Maisonettes pour les esprits de la forêt

laine, bois

Dalla culla alla vasca (Cradle to bathtub)

Quadraphonic Sound Installation
The visitor has to get in the bathtub, filled with white felt like foam, and has a sound trip. Feeling the connection between the cradle and the bathtub, it’s like a deep dive in the past. The memory of childhood and “not memory” of the birth. The transition from amniotic fluid to cleansing scented water.
LJUBA DE ANGELIS – sound art (field recording, musique concrete, experimental music)

I soliti errori (Same Mistakes)

The loop of construction and destruction. The contrast between natural and man-made, black and white, death and rebirth.
Computer animation &Video Editing: Matrupix
Music & Sound design, vocals and synthesizer VCS3: Ljuba de Angelis
Stop-motion for video installation (loop). 
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